Our Services

At AgaSett Inc., we pride ourselves on our involvement in a broad array of real estate investment and development categories. Ask us how teaming with AgaSett Inc. can help you reach your goals

What We Do

Buy, Fix, and Hold

We search for residential 1-5 family distressed properties in select communities nationwide, effect repairs to the property, then rent to qualified renters at affordable rates.

Buy and Hold

Like a Buy, Fix, and Hold, but these properties are available for immediate occupancy.

Fix and Flip

We look for properties to purchase which are distressed, and repair them to community standards for resale to retail buyers looking for move-in ready homes.

Mortgage Notes

We purchase defaulted first and second position mortgage notes with the goal of working with the borrower to renegotiate the terms of their loan, allowing them to stay in their home and begin to repair their credit.


We match home owners looking to sell less than desirable properties with buyers willing to pay cash for distressed homes.


Do you have a deal that needs funding? We will loan funds to complete your deal, or attempt to match you with others investors looking to fund deals in our network.


Are you tired of your savings earning nothing at the bank. Do you get nauseous with the gyrations of the stock market. Do you have an orphaned 401(k) account that you don't know where to invest. Let us show you how you can diversify your portfolio with real estate. Whether you are looking for steady cash flow, or are willing to take larger risks for potentially greater rewards, we can help you.

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